Saturday, September 29, 2012

Review: Learning How to Bend by Wendi Zwaduk

Learning How to Bend
Review::Learning How to Bend
by Wendi Zwaduk
Total E-Bound Publishing
Contemporary Erotic                                                          

Abby Donovan gets a shock when she receives a letter from her husband telling her
that he is in love with another woman and wanted a divorce. Does she want her marriage
to end or is she willing to fight for what they had and what they could have in the
After being deployed off and on to Iraq, Seth arrives home to find his wife ready to
pack and leave him and the letter. How is he going to convince her that he did not
write that letter and he does not want their marriage to end?
Abby and Seth both love each other but are they able to get past the misgivings and restore
the trust that they once had?

LEARNING HOW TO BEND by Wendi Zwaduk is simply wonderful. Seth and Abby are both wounded in
different ways. Abby from being alone while her husband is away on deployment and Seth from
the things he has seen in battle. You cannot help but root for them to get past the
lies of someone determined to separate them and sit down and talk about what led them
to them even contemplating ending their marriage.
LEARNING HOW TO BEND does have a menage in it but it is not the focal point of LEARNING HOW TO
BEND. It is very hot and steamy but it shows that the reality may not be as good as the
fantasy. Sort of becareful of what you wish for.
LEARNING HOW TO BEND is available at Total e-bound and is the first of four in a series. I
will advise you to go there and put it in your favorites as you will be going back there
many times to purchase more titles by Wendi Zwaduk.

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