Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Review: Doing the Dean by Mia Watts

Doing the Dean by Mia Watts is one of my favorite romance themes hot guy who is just around forties meets someone that is younger and against his better judgement finds himself unable to get this person out of his mind.

In Doing the Dean Dr Julian Rickman is in his early forties and the Dean of Students for Claybourne College. At the annual welcome to Claybourne cocktail party Julian spots someone across the room but he knows his feelings are inappropriate.
When they meet up again Julian is surprised that not only is Griffin an Resident Assistan but he is also his son's best friend. But there are sparks between them and will they continue to burn or are there too many years apart between them.

Doing the Dean by Mia Watts was the first thing I have ever read from Mia Watts but it certainly will not be the last.  What I love about Doing the Dean is that yes it is a male/male romance (which I really am a big fan) is that it doesn't matter that they are gay. They belong together just because they do.

Doing the Dean

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