Monday, September 10, 2012

Review: Believing in Dreamland by Cheryl Dragon

Samantha Montgomery has always felt an attraction to the three guys she worked with but Air Force rules say no fraternizing.  Things change when Samantha and her team are abducted by aliens and the truth is revealed about the men in the crew she thought she knew so well.

Samantha holds the key to what the Keelons really want but her memory is still fuzzy. When she finds out that the guys in her unit were not only aliens but that the rumors about Area 51 were all too real, they must convince the Air Force to let them fight the coming invasion.

What if the stories about Area 51 were true?? That is what you find out when reading Believing in Dreamland.  What if the aliens were looking for women for breeding purposes and you found out that the men you trusted were of the alien race that they were fighting against?   Believing in Dreamland by Cheryl Dragon
Believing in Dreamland is the fourth book in the 7th Kind series and I cannot wait for more. No one writes menage themed stories like Cheryl Dragon. The love scenes are smokin hot but you can also get a sense of how much the characters really do care about the other.

This book is not for the faint of hear or those that have issues with group sex or male/male interaction. Luckily I am not one of those so I know I will be anxiously awaiting book 5  which will sadly bring this series to an end.

Believing in Dreamland by Cheryl Dragon

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