Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cat Came Back by Anne Kane Rated Scorching

Cat Came Back

Genres: Paranormal. Shape Shifters, Erotic Romance, BBW

Release Date:  Sept 6, 2012

Author: Anne Kane







Cat came back to town, and Jacob plans to keep her there.


When Catherine’s aunt dies in a suspicious accident, she comes back to her hometown to settle the estate. She expects it to be a an easy job, but she doesn’t count on being chased by a pack of wild wolves, and an unknown enemy who sprays grafitti on the house, and throws bricks through her windows. When the local police force is less than helpful it is up to Cat to find out what’s going on with the help of her all too human lover, Jacob.


Known as the Mad Trapper, Jacob has been in love with Cat since high school. Now that she’s back in town he intends to show her that a human-shifter relationship can be just what a were-cat needs to keep her out of trouble. 







He knew he should be firm, and walk away. She wasn’t in any condition to be making judgment calls or deciding if she wanted to jump into bed with a human. He knew she had a real hang-up about that. Her parents had really done a number on her.


But he wasn’t that strong. Ever since high school, he’d had a thing for Cat. He’d mooned over her in class, secretly following her around town every chance he got. When she’d been injured, he’d relished the chance to take care of her until her leg healed. Then she’d run at the first opportunity, before he’d been able to convince her that all humans weren’t bad.


Cat’s soft breath tickled his ear. “What’s the matter, lover? You know you want me.”


Oh yeah. He definitely wanted her, but on his terms. She needed to know exactly what she was asking for, because there would be no going back. He didn’t just want her for today, he wanted her forever. All he had to do was convince her she wanted that too. He wasn’t sure that was possible. Still, a guy had to start somewhere.


She felt so soft and pliant as he wrapped his arms around her. With a lusty moan, she rolled on top of him, her legs spread wide as she straddled his hips. Her scent filled the air, uniquely hers and edged with a hint of lust. Leaning forward, she pressed her lips on his and he knew he was lost.


She tasted good. So good. He explored every inch of her mouth, his tongue sliding along hers in an erotic invitation. She responded eagerly, starting a sensual duel that sent heat thrumming along every nerve. It had been so long since he’d dared to hope for this. When her family left Hunter’s Canyon he’d thought he would never see her again. He’d held on to the hope that once she matured, she’d return to her roots. Cats were territorial creatures and their shifter brethren even more so.


He nibbled his way down the soft hollow of her throat, enjoying the way she purred her satisfaction. He wanted to brand her with the heat he felt, make her yearn for his touch as much as he yearned for hers. Right now, her inhibitions were lowered, and as much as he knew he shouldn’t take advantage, he was going to do his damnedest to make this a night she’d never forget.


Spanning her waist with his hands, he enjoyed the feel of her soft skin against him. Cat let out a shuddering breath and buried her face in his shoulder. She arched even closer against him, and he gritted his teeth at the exquisite sensation. So soft. So feminine. So very much a woman.


Her sharp teeth sank into his shoulder in a tiny nip that sent shivers of desire down his spine. Heat raced through him, settling in his groin with a heavy sensation. It would be tough to wait, but he wanted to do this right. She deserved the best, and he was going to give it to her if it killed him. And it felt as if it might!


Cat let out a low moan as he wrapped one arm around her and gently flipped her onto her back. He stood for a brief moment, shedding his clothes as fast as he could, not caring where they landed. When he skimmed his shorts down over his thighs, his cock sprang free and Cat sucked in a startled breath. He suppressed a smile. What male didn’t want his mate to salivate at the sight of his aroused shaft?


He leapt back onto the bed and pulled her to him, sucking one perky nipple into his mouth. Damn that tasted good. Scoring his teeth across the tender bud, he felt Cat’s reaction as it puckered into a rosette. Gorgeous! He took his time, playing with each breast in turn. Licking. Teasing. Tasting. He had all the time in the world, and he had no intention of rushing.


Working his way lower, he explored her silken flesh with his hands, mapping every inch of her luscious body. Curves. Feminine curves that sent the blood rushing to his already stiff cock. Her hips. Her buttocks. Her waist. Her thighs. No pencil-thin model with bones sticking out all over the place. His woman was just that. A woman.

He slipped his tongue into the slight indent of her belly button. Licking and nibbling, he explored the curve of her hips and the round expanse of her belly. Cat whimpered and moved restlessly.


“Now. I want you now.” Impatience tinged her voice as he covered her mound with his hand. She bucked her hips against his palm.


“Not yet. I want you to be ready for me.”


“I’m so ready, I’m going to explode.” The words came out in a low moan.


Jacob moved down on the bed and pulled her legs up over his shoulder. Using two fingers, he parted the soft folds guarding her sex. The smell of her juices almost drove him mad, and it took a supreme effort to bring his raging libido under control. Lowering his head, he swiped his tongue in a long slow lick from anus to clit.


“Oh, ye gods!” Cat let out a strangled scream, her whole body arching against his face.


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