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My friend Cynthia Sax is allowing me to post this here. Warning it is not for the faint of heart. 
But Cynthia knows that one of my favorite themes is menages. :)

Annie sat quietly with her hands clasped in her lap, and she contemplated her new situation. I belong to a wolf and a bear, a big bear. She studied the muscles rippling in Big John's back, the bear even more enormous than the man. Golly. Fucking him might kill me.

The room slowly emptied, the fight moved to the street. Cage, her black wolf, tossed a wolf out of the saloon and looked around him, his dark eyes gleaming. All of the other wolves bowed their heads submissively, and Cage howled, the baying sound edged with triumph.

Big John glanced back at Annie as though to ensure she was safe, and he lumbered toward Cage. They bumped their bodies together, fur rubbing against fur. The great bear gently licked the black wolf's wounds, swiping the blood with the flat of his tongue. Cage's black-eyed wolf gaze fixed on Annie, his canines gleaming red.

Annie froze. Does he see me as friend or foe? She remained still, holding his gaze, not allowing him to see her fear.

The wolf prowled toward her, the bear following him, the two beasts magnificent. Cage raised his snout and sniffed the air. He yipped, his tongue lulling out of his mouth in a goofy doglike smile, dissipating Annie's fears.

"You recognize me, don't you?" She kept her voice low and calm. "I belong to you."

Cage barked and Big John rumbled a reply, his big rump shaking. The other wolves exited the saloon, leaving Annie alone with her two males.

The black wolf nudged Annie's legs, rubbing his head over her bare skin, repeatedly targeting the spot behind his ears. "Do you need a scratch?" She threaded her fingers through his soft fur and bemusedly massaged the area. He rumbled his contentment.

The bear turned around and backed into Annie. He sat before her and shrugged his great shoulders. She watched him curiously as she scratched behind the wolf's ears. The bear looked over his shoulder and grunted.

"What do you want?" Annie smiled, amused by his antics. The bear shook his fur again. "Ahhh… I see." She reached over and rubbed between his shoulder blades.

The wolf growled unhappily and pushed his head under the skirt of her dress, his breath hot. Annie closed her thighs. He wedged his hard skull between her legs, prying her open until his snout bumped against her bare pussy.

Annie's face heated as her body reacted to the intrusion, unable to differentiate between man and animal. "Cage, no," she protested, wiggling. "You don't need to do this. You own me." None of the other men had cared about her pleasure. They'd used her with no thought about her feelings.

Cage licked her pussy, his tongue rough and hot and moist against her sensitive skin, and she jerked at the stimulating touch. "Cage, please," she pleaded, her voice husky with building desire. He laved her folds with his long wolf tongue, lapping at her, tasting her. "Not as a wolf. This is wrong, so very wrong." He entered her pussy, reaching deep inside her, stroking her inner walls.

She moaned, lifting her hips into the forbidden caresses. I have a wolf between my legs, and he's tongue-fucking me. "So wrong." She clutched his fur-covered shoulders, humping his beastly face, feeling more passion with him than with any of the other human men. "But it feels so right."

Cage, her wolf, nipped her upper thigh, the slight pain heightening her pleasure. "Mercy." She arched her back, thrusting her small breasts upward. "I didn't know I could feel like this."

The other men had used her selfishly, heaving on top of her with their big bellies and sweaty skin, jabbing into her with their fat cocks, uncaring of what she thought or felt, taking from her and not giving pleasure.

The fur under her fingers shifted to golden skin as the wolf shifted into the man. Cage knelt before her, his lean, muscular body folded on the floor, his dark head between her pale legs. He swirled his smaller human tongue around her clit and Annie tensed, her body coiling tighter and tighter with desire.

"Cage." She pressed her fingertips into his skin. "I should… I must please you, not…" The pounding of her heart, the throbbing of her body, drowned out her thoughts.

"You will please me, mate." Cage flicked her clit with his tongue, and she shuddered. "By coming for me, feeding me with your sweet honey." He fastened his lips around the bundle of nerves and sucked.

"Cage!" she screamed, driving her hips upward, smacking her pussy against his face, her world spinning around her. She closed her eyes and clung to him, holding onto Cage desperately.

Cage raised her to his mouth, cupping her ass with his long fingers, and he feasted upon her, slurping up her juices lustfully as though he'd been starving for her taste. He drained her until she was dry, her body lifeless and her head fuzzy. She sagged on the hard wooden chair.

"The sweetest honey." Cage released her and grinned, his lips wet with her moisture. "Taste her, Big John."
Big John, in human form, tanned and naked, dropped to his knees beside Cage and captured the gambler's face between his huge hands. The two men kissed, their clumsy embrace resembling a primitive struggle for dominance, their lips firm and unrelenting, their hands marking skin.
Three Wild Cards

Three Wild Cards by Cynthia  Sax

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