Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Return To Eden by Kay Stockham

Kay Stockham weaves an emotional tale of second chances.  Jesse St James and his brother Quinn always loved hanging out with Eden Holloway when they were growing up. They looked forward to her visiting her grandmother every year because she wasn't like the other girls. But things changed
when she came to visit her grandmother and they developed feelings for Eden.  They both made a pact to not to act on those feelings for Eden.

RETURN TO EDEN is about second chances. After Quinn's sudden death, Jesse returns to get his brothers house ready for sale but when he sees Eden again he realizes that his feelings for her never changed.  How can he make a move on his late brother's fiance?

Eden always had feelings for Jesse when they were growing up but when Quinn returned from college she fell in love with him but Jesse had always in some way or another been in her mind.
When he comes back will Eden take the chance to be with Jesse or will she let him go back to Virginia?

I really liked RETURN TO EDEN a lot, and while I was rooting for Jesse and Eden  my heart went out to Jesse's dog Romeo.  The only thing I wish about RETURN TO EDEN is that it was longer.

 Return to Eden

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