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Excerpt: Quality Assurance Rated Scorching

Random Naughty Excerpt from Quality Assurance by Cheryl Dragon

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The most popular girl in school, Ashley Tassin wanted a life in the big city but fate brought her back to Lucky Springs, where the factory’s expansion has created jobs and lured a lot of men to the town. Working with a foursome of hot guys who are in a relationship and want to add a woman is very tempting to Ash. However, two of the men went to high school with her and one holds a grudge.

Eli Hollier was a geek and now he’s a sexy genius. The four hatch a plot to teach the former head cheerleader a lesson for rejecting Eli long ago. But what starts as friends with benefits turns into something more. Falling for Ash is easy, but for it to end happily, they must bury the past and start fresh.



Random Hot Excerpt:

“Sounds like you might be interested in a little fun while you’re here.” Fred smiled at Ash and Eli.

“Really? Here?” Eli glared at Fred.

She smiled and looked at Jackson for salvation. He just shrugged.

“You guys are serious. This is how dating is here now? A group makes a girl a proposition?” She started twisting her hair the way her mother hated so much.

Fred took her hand from her hair and kissed it. “No pressure. Eli and Jackson are crazy for the idea. I’m starved for a girlfriend and girly parts. Xavier needs some woman otherwise I’m worried he’ll give up on being bi. Think of it as a friends with benefits thing, and we can see where it goes.”

Their eyes all intensely fixated on her. Even Xavier’s gaze drifted from her breasts up then back down. They needed her almost as much as she needed to feel wanted. It wasn’t New York with a different guy every week like Sex and the City. It was four guys at once.

“I’ve never even been with two guys at once. Four is a little intimidating.” She looked at Eli, and her pussy tightened.

“Don’t worry about that. If you want out, you just have to say so.” Eli leaned in and kissed her.

The sudden affection from Eli made her stop breathing and dive right in. He was strong and gentle. Another mouth teased her neck, and she tensed until Fred’s arms curled around her waist. Letting her tongue tangle with Eli’s, she heard an overhead announcement that reminded her that they were still at work. She pulled back and couldn’t stop her smile.

“Don’t worry. We’ll lock the door.” Fred kissed her lips then went to lock the doors.

“Here? Now?” Ash stared at Jackson for some sanity.

He chuckle and moved to her. “Just a little fun to take the edge off. Tell us to go to hell.” He leaned in and kissed her.

Ash wasn’t going anywhere. She stood up to press to him fully and deepen the kiss. The men had other ideas. Jackson eased her onto the mega table as Xavier removed the sample parts. She shivered, but when Xavier leaned over to kiss her. Ash relaxed.

When Jackson leaned up and kissed Xavier then her, Ash’s head spun for a second. It wasn’t all focused on her. They did love each other. Two hot men kissing made her cunt throb and her breathing ragged. There was no pressure to pleasure four men. Instead, they made it seem natural and relaxed.

Fred’s hand slid up her leg to her inner thigh, pushing her skirt up. Eli kissed Fred then her thighs. She tried to sit up and kiss them, but Jackson was unbuttoning her blouse far enough to reveal her bra and kept her from moving much.

Thankfully, she’d worn red lacy under things today. The guys had made her feel sexy on day one, and now, they were going to prove she was. Xavier kissed down her throat as he tugged her bra down. Bare at work wasn’t something she’d ever done, and it added to her hormone rush. She should undress the men, but it seemed like a ton of work when she was so wet and ready. Fingers massaged her slit over the lace.

She arched her back, needing more. Finally, Jackson sucked her breast into his mouth, and Fred moved up, opening her blouse completely before circling around and kissing her lips. It was Eli between her legs, and she spread them wider as he tugged the lace aside and kissed her pussy.

She moaned and lifted to him while digging her hand into Jackson’s thick brown hair. Xavier gave her other breast the same affection as Jackson gave the first, and his teeth teased her roughly. Different men. Different styles. This was so much better than she’d dreamed.

Eli licked her pussy and pressed his face to her until she trembled. She could come so fast but wanted to wait. Reaching for Jackson, she felt his hard cock through the soft material of his dress trousers. His hips pressed to her, but he pulled her hand away.

“Relax. We need to explore you.” Fred nipped at her lip then licked between her breasts until Xavier moved lower to tease her thighs.

That seemed to be code for Eli to zero in on her clit and show they had the power. His tongue controlled her world as her insides tensed in release. Biting her lip, she tried to be quiet until it passed, and she gasped for air.

Fred smiled as he flicked her nipple with his tongue. “That’s just one of us. There could be two of us eating you out. Getting you off.”

That idea made her dizzy as the tongue moved from her thigh, closer and closer to her throbbing cunt, and she knew they were serious. Eli moved up and kissed Fred before claiming her breast. Jackson took her mouth while his strong hand massaged her other breast. It was full-tilt pleasure, and she’d won. Xavier licked up one outer pussy lip and down the other. His tongue penetrated her, and Ash’s hips pressed for more.

“I knew you’d like us.” Jackson pinched her nipple.

“Who wouldn’t like this? It’s not fair though.” She reached for his erection.

“Don’t rush it, babe. We didn’t bring protection.” Fred sucked on her neck like a teenager.

“That means I can’t lick or give you a hand?” Ash grabbed his cock through his pants. “You can’t work like this all day. I want to see all of you; it’s only fair.”

“If we get naked, you might be in trouble.” Eli stood up and took in the picture.

“True, I need to get back to my desk. But I want to see the goods.” She reached for Eli and unzipped his fly before he could push her away.

Xavier’s fingers pressed to her as she freed Eli’s cock and slid it along her palm. When Xavier added another finger in her pussy, she tugged Jackson’s member from his pants. Neither was close enough to suck on, but she got a feel for their unique forms. It was the intimacy she needed.

“You guys screw around at work. I don’t believe you don’t have condoms,” she said to Fred.

He leaned down and kissed her. “Enjoy. You’re coming to dinner, and we’ve got all night to show you what we can do.”

“I still want to see what you’ve got.” She pulled on the men, and they moved to her until their cocks pressed to her breasts.

“I knew you were perfect for us.” Fred opened his fly and showed off his hard cock until she reached for it.

Then he was gone. Xavier’s two fingers had lulled her into a wonderful state. Now, more fingers pinched her inner folds and teased her clit. Two big cocks rubbed on her breasts, and she stroked their balls.

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