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Excerpt for IT House Call by Cherry O

Excerpt from IT House Call by Cherry O

Available at Stiff Rain Press
IT House Call

For a few seconds, she resisted the order. Her body wanted to go and brain wanted to flee. Was it the desire for more stimulation or true fear? She knew she’d give in, and apparently, so did he.

Walking into her bedroom, she slide off her blouse and unhooked her bra. She was damn near naked already. The scenario seemed a little less insane if she was in her bedroom. Jared followed and watched her carefully.

She unzipped her skirt and pushed it over her hips. Licking her lips, she tried not to think about tonight as reality. It was a fantasy story come to life. Either way, her pussy throbbed as if this was completely natural.

Jared stood in the doorway looking very relaxed. He wasn’t an intimidating figure but he knew her secret. That alone gave him more power than a fist. Sex without responsibility or control turned her on but she’d never tried it.

Naked except for her heels, she stood there and waited.

“Turn around,” he said.

Her face burned. Argue or do it? If he left, she’d be humiliated and miserable. Simone wanted the sex, not just to keep her stories a secret. Her priorities were fucked up! Social media could ruin a business. Cyber bullying and stalking were the new trends online and they went for companies, too. Jared could do it and that should motivate her more. Still she had no idea what he really wanted. So she turned.

He walked up behind her. She listened to the creaks in the floor of her old apartment. She shivered when he pulled the clip from her hair. It fell to her shoulders.

His fingers combed through it slowly. “Very soft. You look good with it down.”

Part of her wanted to scream at him to take what he wanted, do whatever he wanted, and leave. Her brain wanted control of her well-ordered universe back. Meanwhile, her body was aching for serious male attention.

Jared’s hands skimmed over her shoulder, down her back and settled on her hips. “You like it,” he said.

She closed her eyes tight. The anticipation had her on edge. What would he do?

“Bend over, hands on the bed,” he said.

She froze.

Jared squeezed her ass cheeks and nudged her forward.

Moving, she bent over and braced herself on the bed. He spread her legs and pressed on the small of her back. Her ass arched up naturally. Then his hands were gone.

“Stay just like that.” Jared kissed her ass cheek.

She heard clothes rustling behind her. Then Jared’s hands were on her again. They massaged her ass, squeezing and bouncing the flesh. She shivered and held still. His fingers spread her cheeks and dipped down to tease her cunt.

Arching her back more, she was a woman in heat. He rubbed her slit and she moaned.

“Soaking wet and ready. You really need to stop repressing yourself.” Jared gathered her hair in his fist and tugged.

“A woman wants a career and men call her repressed.” She had to defend her goals. “I’ll do whatever you want to protect myself.”

“You can have a career and kinky sex.” He slapped her ass. “You want it all.”

The spark of contact made her tremble. “I won’t be hurt. I don’t like pain.”

“You know what you like? You’ve done this before?” he asked.

“God, no! Just the stories. I’ve seen enough women abused in real life. I won’t turn into one of them. What’s your deal?” Her jaw clenched.

“Not your concern right now.” He pushed her forward. “Get on the bed, on your back.”

She climbed on the neatly made bed and stretched out flat on her back. Finally able to see him, she studied his naked form. He was in good shape, muscles defined decently for a desk jockey. His cock was long and hard. Staring at it, she tried to stop her pussy from clenching in anticipation. Would he really fuck her missionary? So traditional?

Without another word, he leaned over and licked her cunt from core to clit. He ignored her gasps and spread her pussy lips wide. The world now revolved around his tongue. It was rough and flicked her inner folds and clit hard. He didn’t let up. Jared pressed his tongue to her entrance and she moaned.

He was servicing her but Simone understood him. Deep down she knew this was all about power. This man could get her off in seconds and he loved that fact. So mild-mannered in public, he craved power. She squirmed to get away from the pleasure, but he placed a firm palm on her stomach and licked her clit faster.

“Jared! Please!” she screamed as the climax made her shake in relief.

He rubbed her clit with his thumb as he straightened and watched her. Teasing her folds and entrance with his other fingers, Jared stopped short of penetrating her. Even closing her eyes, she couldn’t pretend it was her alone after a story. That damn thumb switched direction to rub her clit the other way and she lifted for more. He held her most sensitive parts in his hand and played with her like finger paints.

Her sighs and whimpers went on until she couldn’t stand it anymore and scooted back from him.

“Good. You come easy.” He licked his fingers clean.

“How many women have you done this to?” she asked.

“A few. Most of them kneel down and beg for it, though. I don’t mind the blackmail or role-playing, but by your age, women usually know the games they like. You really think you can ignore your needs?” He rubbed his cock along her thigh.

“How many women are you doing this with now?” Men cheated. No surprise there. Her uncle and her best friend’s husband had caused enough pain. Not that Simone had a choice now but she wanted to know the deal.

“None right now. Don’t worry. You’re not doing anything wrong as long as you do what I tell you to.” He opened her nightstand drawers right next to the bed.

“What are you doing?” She sat up.

“Down, girl. I just need protection. Unless you want to risk it all. I’m not interested in kids.” He reached back and pinched her nipple.

She bit back a groan and pointed to the top nightstand drawer.

Jared found protection and a big vibrator. “Nice. If you can take this, you can handle anything I’ll stick in you.”

“Only when I’m really…I have to work up to it. If I’ve been thinking about it all day.”

“The people at work would be shocked.” He set a couple of condoms out and closed the drawer.

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