Friday, May 18, 2012

Adventures of moving to Oklahoma

Well I finally found a good job :) yeah!! and moved to Oklahoma City.  I moved here officially on Wednesday but trying to find a company to ship all your packages without giving up a body part was difficult.  So I packed up my books and clothes and am shipping them courtesy of the US Post Office. Their rates thankfully wasn't nearly as painful as the big moving companies. I can see charging that much if you were shipping a whole house but I was just shipping books/clothes.

When I got to my new apartment Quail Lakes I fell in love with it at first sight. It is better then I hoped. I found it through Google and boy am I glad I did. Beth the apt manager has been so nice. The apartment is just the right size and has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and has a cute little pond around the corner from my apt.

I went and bought a few groceries and linens from Super Walmart on Wednesday night and slept on the air bed the apt manager kindly loaned me.

Now the adventure begins on trying to furnish this place on a budget. Right now I have 2 camping chairs and an end table from Target as furniture. 

Also when I was at Target which turns out is a Super Target I bought a couple things from their frozen food section from the Market Pantry line. I bought the Pot roast and the Meatloaf and had the Pot roast yesterday for dinner. It was awful. No seasoning or anything which disappointed me. I also do not as of yet have pots and pans to cook with and so finding frozen dinners like that that tasted good would have been an added bonus.  Almost afraid to try the meatloaf.

Today I went back to Target (it is about a couple blocks if that from my apartment) and bought a slow cooker and a George Foreman grill to cook with.  Not going back to the frozen foo aisle anytime soon.

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