Friday, July 16, 2010

RWA, RT and RomCon which one?

It is the middle of July and I am not getting ready to go to RWA. I have missed maybe 3 in the last ten years, but with going to RT felt I should miss it this year.
I love going there because it was my first experience in meeting what I consider my idols. It still never ceases to amaze me that I know them and have become friends with a lot of them.
The only thing that disappointed me in RT was that I didn't get as many free books as I thought I was going to get. I did get a lot of other swag though and got to hang with authors who don't attend RWA for whatever reasons. Including one of my favorite people Dakota Cassidy, Michele Bardsley and Renee George.
I think I had gotten in a rut on where I was going. Next year I am thinking of attending RomCon in Denver. I like the idea it will be in same place every year and it is half the price of RWA and RT if you include the food option.
The one event I absolutely will go to no matter what is The Reader/Writer get together in West Chester, Ohio hosted by Lori Foster, Dianne Castell it is the best event and so much fun. It is also the least expensive event
that I know of. It is a great weekend to hang with your favorite authors, eat, chat with old friends and those you meet for the first time.
Which event is your favorite?


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  2. I've been going to RT for the last 8 years and love it. Sometimes it's the only time I see certain people. But next year we are thinking of mixing it up and not going to RT. Instead we will go to Lori and Dianne's and then in the fall to Lora Leigh's get together. I wish I had to money to go to all of them but I can't. I will have to look into RomCon too. We might be able to swing that too.

  3. I'm interested to see what happens with RomCon -- price is a big factor for me, and I like the idea of being able to interact with readers which you can't do at the RWA event. I'm interested to see what other people's responses are, Barb. Good topic!