Friday, July 2, 2010

Kiss Me If You Can by Carly Phillips

KISS ME IF YOU CAN by Carly Phillips is the perfect book to read whether you are at the beach, by the pool or just in your backyard. Funny and sexy, KISS ME IF YOU CAN will make you want to do nothing else but read until the end.
Sam Cooper's life takes an unexpected twist when he stops an attempted robbery at a local jewelery store. Given a ring as a reward, he is New York City's newest hero and named their most eligible bachelor. He soon has women mailing him underwear, but then he meets Lexie Davis.
Lexie, wants the ring but for another reason, her beloved grandmother Charlotte has a necklace that matches the ring and Lexie wants to purchase it to give to her as a birthday present. Lexie and Sam soon learn there is a very interesting story behind the history of the jewelery.
Sam works as a crime reporter as well as a newly published author, he was married to a woman who couldn't stay in one place and used her job as a flight attendant to be with other guys.
Lexie likes to live a carefree life style who likes to travel whenever the mood strikes her.
KISS ME IF YOU CAN was a blast to read and definitely will be something I am going to want to read more then once. Not only did I love Sam and Lexie, the secondary characters were fun as well, especially
Lexie's grandmother Charlotte and her BFF Shirley. I would have loved to read their story. :) I also cannot wait to read Sam and Rafe's story either.

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