Friday, June 11, 2010

Pleasure Planner review

Pleasure Planner Review
Larkin Rose
Bold Strokes Books

Professional matchmaker Bree Hendricks knows how to put other couples together, but
when it comes to her own love life not so successful. Although involved with a
successful lawyer, it was more a comfortable relationship then a love one. When
Bree attends an charity auction, she is knocked for a loop by artist Logan Delaney.
Even though she resists she finds herself locked in her arms.
Body artist Logan Delaney is known as a body artist with a growing reputation among
clients, but is it for her art or for her bedroom skills that have women coming
back for more?
Bree and Larkin cannot get each other out of their minds or hearts, but a series
of misunderstandings has the reader wanting to either smack them upside the head or
lock them in a room to get them to talk to each other or whatever else comes
Larkin Rose does a great job in creating characters that you can picture in your head,
and Bree and Logan stay with well after you reach the end.
This is the first time I have read a female/female romance and I have to say I cannot wait
to read more.

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