Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Eden Bradley's Ink & Iron: Obsession Release Day Blitz


He could have it all… but all he wants is her.
Ink & Iron, Book 1

During his soaring career as the lead singer of indie-rock band Ink & Iron, Cole Kennrick has been through it all: sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Overindulging until he lost what mattered most.

Now he’s pulled his life together and left his addictions behind, except for one: his ex-wife, Janie. If only he can convince her their love was—still is—the real thing.

In the seven years since their divorce, Janie has kept tabs on the only man she’s ever truly loved. The one she had to leave in order to save herself. Still, dark and often kinky desires they explored together linger in her dreams and fantasies.
Janie has seen up close and way-too-personal that rock stars are bad, bad medicine. But when Cole shows up at her yoga studio, clean and sober, his leather-and-motorcycles scent teasing her senses, it’s way too tempting to slip right back into the one place she swore she’d never risk again—his arms.
NY Times & USA Today Bestselling Author

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Cole was leaning against the doorframe, one arm braced over his head in a relaxed pose only the most confident of men could pull off. He wore a black button-down shirt edged in blue stitching that brought out the icy blue of his eyes, and it was fitted enough that she could see the breadth of his shoulders straining against the fabric. The sleeves fit his biceps perfectly, as if molded there, and the fit of his jeans made her entire body ache with need.
“Hey, Janie girl. You look beautiful.”
She blinked. Focused on his mouth. Oh, that was not any better. Or it was, but…
“Um…you find the place okay?”
“Yeah, no problem.”
“Good.” She grabbed her purse from the console table next to the door. “I’m ready to go.”
He paused, clearly wanting her to invite him in, but she knew she was doomed if she did that. Cole Kennrick and her, alone in her apartment? A very bad idea.
Or a very good one.
Stop it.
She looked up to find his gaze on hers, a smoldering blue that went right through her like a physical sensation—warm and intense.
All he did was reach out and run a finger under her chin, but he may as well have put his hand between her thighs. That touch and his steady gaze on hers were working like some kind of wild aphrodisiac. Her legs went weak. Her sex went hot. Her mind went numb. When he stepped forward, she didn’t say a word. When he moved closer, using his big body to press her back, and closed the door behind him, she didn’t resist. She remembered this about him—how could she ever forget?—the way he used his tall, muscled frame to command her, to wrestle her into submission without even a word. But oh, when the words came, they were exactly the right ones to get her to shift gears in her head. To allow her to give herself over.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Maid for His Submission

Maid For His Submission
By Eryn Black


“Let’s begin by removing your clothes.”

Tosh stepped into Mr. Richard’s dark world in search of financial freedom, but in her mysterious employer she found so much more. A college student nearing her mid-twenties and dependent on her parent’s charity, Tosh answers a job advertisement to be a live-in maid.

Dressed appropriately and armed with a duster, she quickly discovers that her new handsome employer is the owner of an exclusive sex club in Los Angeles catering to the kinky desires of the rich and powerful. Dressed in latex and leather, will Tosh be able to resist his dark seduction or will she be his maid eager to submit?


“I see you have no work experience, but extensive educational references?”
“I know that.” Shifting in her seat, she gave Mr. Thomas a pleasant view of her thigh. It peaked out from under her gray skirt, which was riding up higher with every move Tosh made. “Until recently I was attending a university, but...” Another shift.
Could she have been doing this on purpose, pushing and pushing to see what she could get out of him? He wondered. She wouldn’t have been the first bird to try.
“The change in the economy has brought a change to most people’s lives, and for me it has demanded that I postpone my education.” She sounded rehearsed, like a contestant in a beauty pageant.
Looking at the crinkled flyer in her hand, Mr. Thomas was perplexed. He had never known them to advertise so publicly. Something he would soon have to take up with his partner.
“And where did you say you saw our...advertisement?” She looked too innocent for anything on their menu.
“At my JC’s career center," she replied, clearing her throat. “I’ve been looking in there for weeks with nothing new posted. Then this morning I went in and Jenny, the office assistant, called to tell me about these interviews today.” She looked over her shoulder at the closed office door. “I had expected more applicants to show up, seeing how you advertised at the school.”
“JC?” A quizzical eyebrow popped up to under- score his question. 
“Yes.” Clearing her throat to find some courage, she knew she had botched this interview. “It’s the local City College and swarming with students looking for work.”
Her eyes sparkled with kindness and her smile was sweet and pure. Pure? Her shoulders were hunched in humility and her head was tilted down, but her eyes never left his. Despite her humble appearance, she had an air of strength in her. Perhaps she did have the fight in her that this den needed.
"And what position were you looking to apply for?" "Maid service."This could be interesting, he thought to himself. “What did you study, if I may ask?”
“Art.” Her long slender fingers tried to pull the hem of her skirt down, but it was a losing battle when her fingers shook so violently from nerves. “Modern art, to be more specific.”
New passions came alive with new visions beyond her peek-a-boo exposed thigh. His eyes followed the trail of her figure to her slender waist and soft stomach. Images of paint-covered flesh rushed through his mind. Murals of trees and rivers were painted over the contours of her body, writhing with the torment of the soft bristles from a paintbrush as it tickled her inner thigh and sensitive nipples. Her delicate hands bound overhead, he could hear her whimpering for release, her limits would be tested and he would feast on her need.
“Perhaps things will turn around." Perspiring from his vision, Mr. Thomas licked his lips like a hungry wolf and rose from his seat. “Now, it would be best if we moved this interview along.” Opening the door, he extended a hand for her invitation. “Mr. Richard, my business partner, is a private man with exotic tastes, and he will be the one to make the final decision.”

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A California girl to her core Eryn was born in East L.A. and raised by her inspirational and talented mother in Sierra Madre, California (hidden above the rosy city of Pasadena). There she indulged herself in reading Anne of Green Gables, The Scarlet Pimpernel and Ivanhoe under the California sun, but she never had any interest in the romance genera beyond the classics. Then one long lonely night a few years ago she came across a friends discarded paperback romance and she has been hooked ever since. A lover of reading and a lover of… well… just a lover Eryn has taken on this new adventure in her life putting pen to paper and digging deep to reveal all of the delightful and erotic stories that have tormented her dreams. Eryn hopes that you will enjoy reading her adventures as much as she has enjoyed writing them.